he was born in a log cabin...


originally from the pennsylvania dutch country, mr piezas eschewed his simple amish roots for the world of digital stardust.  beginning his career at pixar animation studios in production and technology, he later started his own animation studio developing and producing television series and commercials for [adult swim], PBS, and others.  making the transformation into mobile and embedded technology, mr piezas followed storytelling and new experiences into the somewhat popular market of 'things for the phones your kids steal from you'.  

his most recent project for showtime networks on smart televisions was nominated for the 2013 emmy. he is passionate about technologies that allow consumers to directly connect with producers, whether it be entertainment or the products and resources that define our lives.  

with a background from nyu's tisch school of the arts and uc berkeley, he's adept at speaking within and bridging the worlds of art and technology.  an old dog at hackathons and innovation contests, mr. piezas is now working on a new venture that will use words like 'synergy', 'human capital' and 'fundable'.

he has a dog.  that dog is eli.  they are happily married.